Bria LaVorgna was once called a “noted Doctor Aphra scholar” on Twitter and honestly… they weren’t wrong. In addition to her day job, she is a freelance writer with bylines of StarWars.com where she writes about current Star Wars comics amongst other things in the galaxy far, far away.

You may know her from her early work on the Waru Express (a read-through of 130 Star Wars Expanded Universe books) for Tosche Station where she’s the Managing Editor and reviews the vast majority of Star Wars comics and books along with writing about her love for KOTOR and Winter Celchu whenever she finds the chance. For the Tosche Station Podcast Network, she cohosts the Kanjikast (a podcast looking at Star Wars from an Asian point of view) and the Vongcast (a retrospective podcast about the New Jedi Order series) there. On the geek fashion and cosplay front, she coedits White Hot Room which regularly features the nerdy gear she incorporates into her daily life along with some of her original geek inspired designs.  This is also where most of her cosplay ends up.  And finally, she’s a member of the 501st as part of Garrison Tyranus as DZ-27342 and a member of the Rebel Legion in Freedom Base. (Whew! Got all that?)

Bria’s still not sure if the Star Wars Expanded Universe or Battlestar Galactica have left her with more emotional trauma but loves them both anyways. She also really sad that she hasn’t been able to pilot a jaeger yet.  Amongst her “I will love these until my death” fandoms are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, everything Tamora Pierce, everything David Eddings, Abhorsen, Harry Potter, and West Wing which should probably tell you everything you need to know about her as a person.

Speaking of which, Bria is a Washington DC area local and regularly laments the rent prices in the nation’s capital along with people who stand on the left of escalators.  When she’s not stuck in the office, she’s probably working on one of her many side projects or occasionally being social with her sorority’s alumni chapter.




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