• “Jango Fett: Bounty Hunter, Father, Unrivaled Legacy” (Published in Age of Republic: Jango Fett)
  • “Count Dooku: A Sith for a More Civilized Age” (Published in Age of Republic: Count Dooku)
  • “Padmé Amidala: The Hero for a Generation” (Published in Age of Republic: Padmé Amidala)
  • Princess Leia: Our Princess, Our Hero” (Published in Age of Rebellion: Princess Leia)
  • “Tarkin: Influential to the Last” (Published in Age of Rebellion: Grand Moff Tarkin)
  • “Boba Fett: The Man, The Mandalorian Armor, The Mystery” (Published in Age of Rebellion: Boba Fett)
  • “Jabba the Hutt: A Hutt to Remember” (Published in Age of Rebellion: Jabba the Hutt)
  • “Darth Vader: Love and Sith Lords” (Published in Age of Rebellion: Darth Vader)
  • “BB-8: Rolling Perfection, Admiral Holdo: Expect the Unexpected, and Maz Kanata: More Than Meets The Eye” (Published in Age of Resistance Special)
  • “General Hux: Grudges and Galactic Domination” (Published in Age of Resistance: General Hux)
  • “Poe Dameron: Flyboy, Hero, Leader” (Published in Age of Resistance: Poe Dameron)
  • “Rose Tico: A Resistance Hero Worth Fighting For” (Published in Age of Resistance: Rose Tico)
  • “Rey: Hope for the Next Generation and Ours” (Published in Age of Resistance: Rey)

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  • Doctor Aphra Creator Kieron Gillen, Co-writer Si Spurrier discuss what’s next for the fan favorite rogue – The creative duo tells StarWars.com about the way the character has surprised even them and the chord she’s struck with fans everywhere (Link)
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  • “It’s a big galaxy”: Kieron Gillen and Alyssa Wong discuss Doctor Aphra and More for Pride Month – The comic creators talk about the impact of one of Star Wars’ most popular queer characters — as well as their own journeys. (Link)

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Tosche Station 

  • Interview with Charles Soule at Celebration 2017 – Charles Soule sits down with Tosche Station to discuss his forthcoming Darth Vader comic and takes a closer look at Poe Dameron #13 (Link)
  • On the Importance of Doctor Aphra – On the rogue archaeologist who keeps adding new ‘firsts’ to her name, including with her eponymous comic.  (Link)
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  • Review: Phasma – Star Wars: Phasma is far more than just Mad Max: Fury Road meets the galaxy far, far away. (Link)
  • The Choice is Yours If You’re Willing to Choose – An examination of choice, circumstances, and redemption in the Star Wars universe by taking a closer look at Del Meeko, Armitage Hux, and Kylo Ren. (Link)

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  • Rebel Legion’s Rebel Reads 2021: Interview with Emma Mieko Candon (Link)

White Hot Room

  • [WAYW] Imperial Stormtroopers Are Totally Precise – Star Wars (Link)
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