Waru Express: Lead Up to Yavin

When I first did the Waru Express, the library system was out to get me and took 2 weeks to get me my copy of Shadow Games which conveniently showed up the day after New Year’s.  Originally, it didn’t get included in this post but was in the next one.  It’s going in here now because I can!  But enough of that!  On with the show and three very very very different books.

Death Troopers
I really have no idea what I was expecting from this book but it probably should’ve been exactly what the book gave me.  It is definitely a horror story set in the Star Wars universe.  Surprisingly, I actually rather enjoyed it and I’m not necessarily a big horror fan.  This goes back to a comment I think I made a few posts ago about how there really is something for everyone in the Expanded Universe.  Schreiber introduces mostly new characters and I even found myself caring about some of them particularly the doctor, Zahara Cody. Continue reading