Top 7 Reasons You Should Read Bonds of Brass RIGHT NOW

Happy Bonds of Brass Day!!! If you follow me on Twitter or if you read the previous post here, you likely know that I loved the heck out of Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie. Having read the author’s previous novel, Hullmetal Girls, I was immediately intrigued about this book just based upon the initial description from Del Rey and had been anticipating it ever since. I was lucky enough to get an advance review copy of the book back in September and have been screaming about it to anyone who will listen since then. (I’d apologize to my friends who had to hear me flail about it a dozen times but I’m not actually sorry.)

Listen: sometimes, what you really need in your life is a book that makes you yell a lot and that makes your heart happy and Bonds of Brass makes my heart very, very happy.

Since I love this book so much, it seemed appropriate that I write something about it for today. Could I write an actual review? Sure but what would be the fun in that? Therefore, I present (in no particular order) my Top 7 Reasons you should pick up this book TODAY!

  1. Oh my god, they were roommates! – I love a good meme and I love a good trope and I especially love it when you get a meme and a trope combined into one in a book and it’s well executed. Gal and Ettian are roommates at the start of the book and have been for several years at this point but have they gotten around to admitting their feelings yet? Of course not! (And for the record: this is far from the only delightful trope that applies to these two throughout the story.)
  2. The Easter Eggs! – My advance review copy of the book is filled with a bunch of handwritten notes and more of few of them involve giggling at the little Easter eggs peppered throughout the book with references to other stories. My favorite? The planet called Naberrie.
  3. The Girl With The Rainbow Umbrella – Quick note: I’d die for Wen. That girl is chaos incarnate and I just want to protect her and for good things to happen to her. So what if she steals things? SHE’S DOING HER BEST!
  4. The Pure Agony of waiting for them to JUST KISS ALREADY – …does this one really need explaining? Bonds of Brass made me literally shriek “JUST KISS ALREADY” multiple times throughout the several hours it took me to read and it was torture but also I loved every second of it.
  5. The Bond Between Gal and Ettian – Okay yes obviously I ship them super hard but I was also immediately drawn to how strong their friendship was at the start of the book and how much they care about each other. At the very start of the book, Ettian finds out that Gal’s hidden from him that he’s actually the heir to the empire that destroyed Ettian’s homeworld… and he still risks everything to break Gal out of confinement simply because the other boy asks.
  6. Pilots!!! – Does this one need explaining either? I love pilots SO MUCH and Ettian is one hell of one. (That reference is absolutely intended. I mean come on you’ve looked at the cover, right?)
  7. It’s absurdly fun – This might seem like a gimme but it’s incredibly true. I’ve liked and enjoyed reading a lot of books over the years but I can’t say that all of them were genuinely fun to read like this one is. Yes, there are absolutely moments in here that are a stab to the feels but overall, I had so much fun both times I read this book. It was hard not to smile most of the time that I was reading it because I got so drawn in by the characters, the world, and the story itself and it was a ride that I never wanted to end.

Go pick up a copy of Bonds of Brass from an indie bookstore if you haven’t already. I promise you won’t regret it. And in the mean time… I’ll just be over here rereading it yet again and anxiously awaiting the sequel because HOLY CRAP THAT ENDING!?! 😉

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