Top 7 Reasons You Should Read Bonds of Brass RIGHT NOW

Happy Bonds of Brass Day!!! If you follow me on Twitter or if you read the previous post here, you likely know that I loved the heck out of Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie. Having read the author’s previous novel, Hullmetal Girls, I was immediately intrigued about this book just based upon the initial description from Del Rey and had been anticipating it ever since. I was lucky enough to get an advance review copy of the book back in September and have been screaming about it to anyone who will listen since then. (I’d apologize to my friends who had to hear me flail about it a dozen times but I’m not actually sorry.)

Listen: sometimes, what you really need in your life is a book that makes you yell a lot and that makes your heart happy and Bonds of Brass makes my heart very, very happy.

Since I love this book so much, it seemed appropriate that I write something about it for today. Could I write an actual review? Sure but what would be the fun in that? Therefore, I present (in no particular order) my Top 7 Reasons you should pick up this book TODAY! Continue reading

2020 Books You Should Read Or Pre-Order RIGHT NOW

Is the world a mess right now? Yup. Are a lot of us about to have more time in our hands? Also yup. Should we use at least some of that time to read new books and support indie bookstores? HELL TO THE YUP.

(I have had a lot of caffeine and I always have a lot of feelings about books.)

I am admittedly not quite as good as I should be about writing actual reviews of the books that I love unless they’re Star Wars which is bad because there are so many good books out there! With everything happening, a lot of authors and independent bookstores are going to be hurting for a bit so I thought the least I could do was tell you about some of the books being released in the first half of this year that I’ve either read and loved OR that I’m excited for. To make it even easier, I’m putting order links by each title. One is so you can buy them directly through One More Page which is an indie bookstore near me in the DC area that I love with all of my heart. The other is for IndieBound which lets you either support the entire network of indie stores OR sends you to the website for a store near you based on your zip code.


Okay on to the books starting with…

2020 Releases I Read And Loved!!! Continue reading